Is My Money Worth Anything?


How Much Is My Note Worth?

Many visitors asked me whether a note they found in the attic, given by a friend or brought back from travel awhile back is worth anything. The answer is yes provided it's not a replica. Any banknote has inherently two sets of values. One is as a legal tender and the other as a collector item.

A legal tender can be used to purchase goods and services, and is worth at face value. It can be exchanged for legal tenders of other countries at prevailing exchange rates. If the note is no longer used in the issuing country, then it's obsolete and worthless as a legal tender.

Any note, whether legal tender or obsolete, has a collector value. In general, the collector value is same as the face value for a circulated legal tender and more than the face value for uncirculated.

The collector value of an obsolete note depends on the condition and rarity. Here the supply and demand come into play. The more common note might be worth only a fraction of its original face value and the rare one hundreds times more. Again, with a few exceptions, an uncirculated note is worth more than circulated.

How about Replicas?

Serious collectors do not collect replicas, sometimes called reproductions, copies or facsimiles. They are essentially worthless. Many Confederate States of America, Bank of the United States and Republic of Texas notes were reproduced in large quantities and sold in souvenir shops. They are recognizable by their static serial numbers. To find out if your note is a replica, check the serial number against those listed on Replicas

How do I Find out the Value of My Note?

Several publications are available which provide estimated values of banknotes. The most popular ones are:
Standard Catalog of World Paper Money and
Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money.
You can also find out the going prices at ebay paper money sites.
See details at Links
If you need further assistance in identifying and pricing your note, email me a scan or detailed descriptions including country, year of issue, denomination and grade (condition). I may be able to help.




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