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1 Cruzado Novo on 1000 Cruzados, (1989)

1 Cruzado Novo on 1000 Cruzados (1989) front
1 Cruzado Novo on 1000 Cruzados (1989) back

Enlarge: Front1 Cruzado Novo on 1000 Cruzados (1989) front
 & Back1 Cruzado Novo on 1000 Cruzados (1989) back

Front: Joaquim Machado (1839-1908), Brazilian novelist, poet, playwright, short story writer, and advocate of monarchism

Back: Old Rio de Janeiro street scene


Old Postcard - Rio de Janeiro Street Scene

Old Postcard - Rio de Janeiro Street Scene

Enlarge: Old PostcardOld Postcard - Rio de Janeiro Street Scene


5 Cruzados Novos on 5000 Cruzados, (1989)

5 Cruzados Novos on 5000 Cruzados (1989) front
5 Cruzados Novos on 5000 Cruzados (1989) back

Enlarge: Front5 Cruzados Novos on 5000 Cruzados (1989) front
 & Back5 Cruzados Novos on 5000 Cruzados (1989) back

Front: Cândido Portinari (1903-1962), Brazilian painter

Back: Cândido Portinari painting


1,000 Cruzeiros, (1990)

1000 cruzeiros (1990) front
1000 cruzeiros (1990) back

Enlarge: Front1000 cruzeiros (1990) front
 & Back1000 cruzeiros (1990) back

Front: Cândido Mariano de Silva Rondon (1865-1956), Brazilian explorer

Back: Two indian children and local food from Amazonia


5,000 Cruzeiros, (1993)

5000 cruzeiros (1993) front
5000 cruzeiros (1993) back

Enlarge: Front5000 cruzeiros (1993) front
 & Back5000 cruzeiros (1993) back

Front: Antonio Carlos Gomes (1836-1896), African-Brazilian composer

Back: Carlos Gomes Monument in Italy


Carlos Gomes Monument

Carlos Gomes Monument

Enlarge: MonumentCarlos Gomes Monument


500,000 Cruzeiros, (1993)

500,000 Cruzeiros, (1993) front
500,000 Cruzeiros, (1993) back

Enlarge: Front500,000 Cruzeiros, (1993) front
 & Back500,000 Cruzeiros, (1993) back

Front: Mário de Andrade (1893-1945), Brazilian poet and novelist

Back: de Andrade teaching school children


1,000 Cruzeiros Reais, (1993)

1000 cruzeiros reais (1993) front
1000 cruzeiros reais (1993) back

Enlarge: Front1000 cruzeiros reais (1993) front
 & Back1000 cruzeiros reais (1993) back

Front: "Parque" school; Anísio Teixeira (1990-1971), Brazilian lawyer, educator and writer

Back: Children and teachers

Courtesy worldcurrencyandcoin


5,000 Cruzeiros Reais, (1993)

5000 cruzeiros reais (1993) front
5000 cruzeiros reais (1993) back

Enlarge: Front5000 cruzeiros reais (1993) front
 & Back5000 cruzeiros reais (1993) back

Front: Ruins of Sao Miguel das Missoes; Gaucho (cattle herder)

gaúcho is the main gentilic of the people from the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Gaucho is an equivalent of the North American "cowboy".

Back: Gaucho on horseback roping steer




Enlarge: GauchoGaucho


10,000 Cruzeiros Reais, (1994) (Not Issued)

10,000 cruzeiros reais (1994) front
10,000 Cruzeiros Reais, (1994) back

Enlarge: Front10,000 Cruzeiros Reais, (1994) front
 & Back10,000 Cruzeiros Reais, (1994) back

The note was to be issued in 1994 but aborted when the monetary unit was changed to "Real" in July 1994.

Front: Rendeira (Lace Maker)

Back: Three generations of women working in the manufacture of lace

Courtesy dinheiro de metal


50,000 Cruzeiros Reais, (1994)

50000 cruzeiros reais (1994) front
50000 cruzeiros reais (1994) back

Enlarge: Front50000 cruzeiros reais (1994) front
 & Back50000 cruzeiros reais (1994) back

Front: Dancer; Baiana do Acaraje

Back: Baiana do Acaraje preparing food

Acarajé is a dish made from peeled black-eyed peas formed into a ball and then deep-fried in dendê (palm oil). It is found in the Nigerian and Brazilian cuisines. Acarajé are served on the streets by women who call themselves baiana do acarajé.


Baiana do Acaraje

Baiana do Acaraje

Enlarge: BaianaBaiana do Acaraje

1989-1994 | 1998-2013

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Brazil occupies half of the continent of South America, Portuguese established settlements there in 1500. It became an empire in 1822 and a republic in 1889. For a more detailed country profile, see CIA World Factbook on Brazil.




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