Jason Islands


50 Pence, 1979

50 Pence, 1979 front
50 Pence, 1979 back

Enlarge: Front50 Pence, 1979 front
 & Back50 Pence, 1979 back


Humboldt Penguin

humboldt penguin


1 Pound 1979

1 Pound 1979 front
1 Pound 1979 back

Enlarge: Front1 Pound, 1979 front
 & Back1 Pound, 1979 back


Jackass Penguin

jackass penguin


5 Pounds 1979

5 Pounds 1979 front
5 Pounds 1979 back

Enlarge: Front5 Pounds, 1979 front
 & Back5 Pounds, 1979 back


Rockhopper Penguin

rockhopper penguin


10 Pounds 1979

10 Pounds 1979 front
10 Pounds 1979 back

Enlarge: Front10 Pounds, 1979 front
 & Back10 Pounds, 1979 back


Gentoo Penguin

gentoo penguin


20 Pounds 1979

20 Pounds 1979 front
20 Pounds 1979 back

Enlarge: Front20 Pounds, 1979 front
 & Back20 Pounds, 1979 back


King Penguin

king penguin


Len Hill bought the uninhabited Jason Islands in March 1970 with the intention of turning them into a bird sanctuary. These notes are private issue and were initially sold to collectors to fund conservation work in the islands.

The series of notes consists of 5 denominations. The basic design common to all denominations is: a penguin on the left, Len Hill's signature as "Administrator" at the center and his portrait on the right. Each denomination shows a different type of penguin - a Humboldt Penguin on 50 Pence; a Jackass Penguin on 1 pound; a Rockhopper Penguin on 5 Pound; a Gentoo Penguin on 10 pound; and a King Penguin on 20 pounds.

Upon Len Hill's death, the islands were sold to New York philanthropist Michael Steinhardt who later donated them to the Wildlife Conservation Society.

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The Jason Islands are an archipelago in the Falkland Islands, lying to the far north-west of West Falkland. Three of the islands, Steeple Jason, Grand Jason and Clarke's Islet are private nature reserves owned by the Wildlife Conservation Society, New York. Other islands in the group are National Nature Reserves owned by the Falkland Islands Government.




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