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The United States notes are normally the official currency in Panama. The only Panama notes were issued under the Government of President Arnulfo Arias that were legal tender in Panama only from October 2 through October 9, 1941. Thus they are known as the "Arias" issue or the Seven Day Notes. The anti-American President took a trip to Cuba on October 9th to visit his paramour. This trip was not authorized by the National Assembly and they ousted him from power. The notes were recalled and most were destroyed.

Front: Vasco Nunez de Balboa (1475-1519), Spanish Conquistador and Explorer

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Panama, situated in Central America between Costa Rica and Colombia, was a Spanish colony. It declared its independence in 1821 and joined the Confederation of Greater Colombia. It became a sovereign republic in 1903. For a more detailed country profile, see CIA World Factbook on Panama.




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