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5 Shillings, 1960 (1964)

5 Shillings, 1960 (1964) front
5 Shillings, 1960 (1964) back

Enlarge: Front5 Shillings, 1960 (1964) front
 & Back5 Shillings, 1960 (1964) back

Front: Elizabeth II (1926-), Queen of United Kingdom, British colonies and Commonwealth of Nations 1952-present

Date of portrait: 1952, age 26

Back: River rapids


1 Pound, 1960 (1964)

1 Pound, 1960 (1964) front
1 Pound, 1960 (1964) back

Enlarge: Front1 Pound, 1960 (1964 front
 & Back1 Pound, 1960 (1964 back

Front: Elizabeth II (1926-), Queen of United Kingdom, British colonies and Commonwealth of Nations 1952-present

Date of portrait: 1952, age 26

Back: Harvesting

Courtesy Tod Hunt


1 Dollar, 1989

1 dollar 1989 front
1 dollar 1989 back

Enlarge: Front1 dollar 1989 front
 & Back1 dollar 1989 back

Front: William Alexander Bustamante (1884-1977), first prime minister of Jamaica 1953-1955

Back: Tropical harbor


2 Dollars, 1992

2 dollars 1992 front
2 dollars 1992 back

Enlarge: Front2 dollars 1992 front
 & Back2 dollars 1992 back

Front: Paul Bogle (1822-1865), Jamaica's national hero

Bogle was a Baptist Deacon and a Jamaican rebel. In 1865 he led a protest march against poverty and injustice. In a violent confrontation many protesters were killed. Bogle was captured and hanged by the British authorities.

Back: A group of children from Central Branch Primary School 1962, depicting the national motto "out of many one people"


5 Dollars, 1991

5 dollars 1991 front
5 dollars 1991 back

Enlarge: Front5 dollars 1991 front
 & Back5 dollars 1991 back

Front: Norman Washington Manley (1893-1969), Jamaica's national hero

Manley was born in Manchester. He was a brilliant scholar, athlete, soldier and Lawyer. In 1938 he founded the People's National Party. He was instrumental in negotiating Jamaica's independence from Britain and deciding the constitution for the new nation.

Back: Old Parliament building (Hibbert House) in Kingston 1872-1960

Since 1983, the house has been used as the head office of the Jamaica National Heritage Trust.


Old Parliament building

Old Parliament building

Enlarge: ParliamentOld Parliament building


10 Dollars, 1991

10 dollars 1991 front
10 dollars 1991 back

Enlarge: Front10 dollars 1991 front
 & Back10 dollars 1991 back

Front: George William Gordon (1820-1865), Jamaica's national hero

Gordon was born to a slave mother and a planter father. He was self-educated and became a landowner in St. Thomas. Gordon urged the people to protest against and to resist the oppressive and unjust conditions under which they were forced to live. In 1865 he was arrested and charged for complicity in the Morant Bay Rebellion. He was illegally tried by court martial and, in spite of a lack of evidence, convicted and executed in 1865.

Back: Bauxite mining


20 Dollars, 1989

20 dollars 1989 front
20 dollars 1989 back

Enlarge: Front20 dollars 1989 front
 & Back20 dollars 1989 back

Front: Noel Newton Nethersole (1902-1959), Minister of Finance 1955-1959

Nethersole envision the need for Jamaica to establish a stock exchange, a development bank and a central bank as tools necessary for the execution of a sound monetary policy.

Back: Bank of Jamaica in Kingston


Bank of Jamaica

Bank of Jamaica

Enlarge: BankBank of Jamaica


50 Dollars, 2002

50 Dollars, 2002 front
50 Dollars, 2002 back

Enlarge: Front50 dollars 2002 front
 & Back50 dollars 2002 back

Front: Sam Sharpe (1801-1832), Jamaica's national hero

Sharpe was born a Creole slave in Montego Bay. He taught himself to read and write. He was against slavery. However, he did not want the slaves to fight. He wanted them to sit down one day and do no work until they got paid for their work. His plan did not work out because some slaves were against his peaceful plan. Instead, they burnt several estates. The Government sent in the soldiers. Many slaves were killed. Sharpe gave himself up and was charged with rebellion. He was taken to court, convicted and executed in 1832.

Back: Doctor's Cave Beach, Montego Bay

Dr. Alexander James McCatty founded a sanatorium in Montego Bay in 1880. He allowed his friends, including several doctors, to bath at his small beach, which was entered through a cave. In 1906 he donated the property to the community, and the private members club was formed, which continues to this day.

Doctor's Cave Beach Club has been one of the most famous beaches in Jamaica for nearly a century. It is noted for its crystal-clear turquoise waters and near-white sand.


Doctor's Cave Beach

Doctor's Cave Beach

Enlarge: BeachDoctor's Cave Beach


100 Dollars, 2001

100 Dollars, 2001 front
100 Dollars, 2001 back

Enlarge: Front100 dollars 2001 front
 & Back100 dollars 2001 back

Front: Donald Sangster (1911-1967), Prime Minister of Jamaica 1964-1967

Back: Dunn's River Falls in St. Ann

Dunn's River Falls is a famous waterfall near Ocho Rios in St. Ann Parish. It is a major Caribbean tourist attraction, attracting thousands of visitors each year.


Dunn's River Falls

Dunn's River Falls

Enlarge: FallsDunn's River Falls


500 Dollars, 2002

500 dollars 2002 front
500 dollars 2002 back

Enlarge: Front500 dollars 2002 front
 & Back500 dollars 2002 back

Front: Nanny of the Maroons (1700-1734), Jamaica's only female national hero

Nanny was a leader of the Maroons. She possessed that fierce fighting spirit generally associated with the courage of men. She was particularly skilled in organizing the guerrilla warfare carried out by the Eastern Maroons to keep away the British troops who attempted to penetrate the mountains to overpower them. Like so many heroes of the pre Independence era, Nanny too met her untimely death in the hands of the British sometime around 1734.

Back: Historical map of Jamaica over Port Royal architecture

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1,000 Dollars, 2003

1,000 dollars 2003 front
1,000 dollars 2003 back

Enlarge: Front1000 dollars 2003 front
 & Back1000 dollars 2003 back

Front: Michael Norman Manley (1924-1997), Prime Minister of Jamaica 1972-1980 and 1989-1992

Back: Jamaica House, office of the Prime Minister of jamaica


Jamaica House

Jamaica House

Enlarge: Jamaica HouseJamaica House


5,000 Dollars, 2009 Hybrid Polymer

5,000 dollars 2009 Hybrid Polymer front
5,000 dollars 2009 Hybrid Polymer back

Enlarge: Front5,000 dollars 2009 Hybrid Polymer front
 & Back5,000 dollars 2009 Hybrid Polymer back

Front: Hugh Lawson Shearer (1923-2004), Prime Minister of Jaimaca 1967-72

Back: Blossoms of the Frangipani and an aerial view of Highway 2000.

Highway 2000 is a new 230-kilometer highway connecting Kingston with Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. The construction is still underway with the scheduled completion date of December 2015.

Courtesy bennyv999


Highway 2000

Highway 2000

Enlarge: Highway 2000Highway 2000

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Jamaica, situated in the Caribbean Sea 90 miles south of Cuba, was a British colony. Became independent in 1962. For a more detailed country profile, see CIA World Factbook on Jamaica.




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