El Salvador


1 Colon, 1974

1 colon 1974 front
1 colon 1974 back

Enlarge: Front1 colon 1974 front
 & Back1 colon 1974 back

Front: Cerron Grande Dam

Back: Christopher Columbus (1451-1506), explorer

Columbus sailed crossed the Atlantic Ocean under Spanish flag in 1492. His voyage marked the beginning of the European exploration and colonization of the Americas.


Cerron Grande Dam

Cerron Grande Dam

Enlarge: DamCerron Grande Dam


5 Colones, 1980 (1992)

5 colones 1980 (1992) front
5 colones 1980 (1992) back

Enlarge: Front5 colones 1980 (1992) front
 & Back5 colones 1980 (1992) back

Front: José Matías Delgado addressing crowd

José Matías Delgado y León (1767-1832) was a Salvadoran priest and doctor known as El Padre de la Patria Salvadoreña (The Father of the Salvadoran Fatherland). He was a leader of Salvadoran independence movement, and President of the Central American Constituent Congress 1821-1823.

Back: Christopher Columbus (1451-1506), explorer


Painting of José Matías Delgado addressing the crowd

José Matías Delgado

Enlarge: José Matías DelgadoJosé Matías Delgado


5 Colones, 1997

5 colones 1997 front
5 colones 1997 back

Enlarge: Front5 colones 1997 front
 & Back5 colones 1997 back

Front: National Palace, San Salvador

Back: Christopher Columbus (1451-1506), explorer

Courtesy bank note museum


National Palace

National Palace

Enlarge: PalaceNational Palace


10 Colones, 1997

10 colones 1997 front
10 colones 1997 back

Enlarge: Front10 colones 1997 front
 & Back10 colones 1997 back

Front: Izalco volcano, located at western El Salvador

Back: Christopher Columbus (1451-1506), explorer

Courtesy bank note museum


Izalco volcano

Izalco volcano

Enlarge: VolcanoIzalco volcano


25 Colones, 1997

25 colones 1997 front
25 colones 1997 back

Enlarge: Front25 colones 1997 front
 & Back25 colones 1997 back

Front: San Andres pyramid

Back: Christopher Columbus (1451-1506), explorer


San Andres pyramid

San Andres pyramid

Enlarge: San Andres pyramidSan Andres pyramid


50 Colones, 1997

50 colones 1997 front
50 colones 1997 back

Enlarge: Front50 colones 1997 front
 & Back50 colones 1997 back

Front: Lake Coatepeque, San Salvador

Back: Christopher Columbus (1451-1506), explorer

Courtesy bank note museum


Lake Coatepeque

Lake Coatepeque

Enlarge: LakeLake Coatepeque


100 Colones, 1997

100 colones 1997 front
100 colones 1997 back

Enlarge: Front100 colones 1997 front
 & Back100 colones 1997 back

Front: Tazumal pyramid, Chalchuapa

Back: Christopher Columbus (1451-1506), explorer

Courtesy bank note museum


Tazumal Pyramid

Tazumal pyramid

Enlarge: PyramidTazumal pyramid


200 Colones, 1997

200 colones 1997 front
200 colones 1997 back

Enlarge: Front200 colones 1997 front
 & Back200 colones 1997 back

Front: El Salvador del Mundo monument

Back: Christopher Columbus (1451-1506), explorer

Courtesy bank note museum


El Salvador del Mundo Monument

El Salvador del Mundo monument

Enlarge: MonumentEl Salvador del Mundo monument

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El Salvador, located in Central America bordered by Guatemala, Honduras and the Pacific Ocean, declared independence from Spain in 1921. Became part of Central American Republic 1923-1929. It again became an independent republic in 1929. U. S. dollars have replaced the Salvadorian Colones as the official legal tender since 2001. For a more detailed country profile, see CIA World Factbook on El Salvador.




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