250 Manat, (1992)

250 manat (1992) front
250 manat (1992) back

Enlarge: Front250 manat (1992) front
 & Back250 manat (1992) back

Front: Maiden Tower in Baku

Built in the 12th century, as part of the walled city of Baku, the Maiden Tower is a historic monument which has been inscribed under the UNESCO World Heritage List of Historical Monuments in 2001.

The Maiden Tower houses a museum, which presents the story of historic evolution of the Baku city. It is one of the most noted landmarks and Azerbaijan's most distinctive national emblems.

Back: Ornate design


Maiden Tower in Baku

Maiden Tower

Enlarge: TowerMaiden Tower


500 Manat, (1993)

500 manat (1993) front
500 manat (1993) back

Enlarge: Front500 manat (1993) front
 & Back500 manat (1993) back

Front: Nizami Gencevi (1140?-1217?), Azerbaijani poet and story writer

His full name is Nizami Gencevi Abu Muhammed Ilyas Ibn Yusuf. Gencevi was one of the great Azerbaijani poets in the 12th century. He had two poetical works: the five-volume Panj-ganj (The Quinary) published between 1165 and 1198, and Divan (a collection of odes and lyrics) published 1188.

Back: Ornate design


10,000 Manat, 1994

10,000 Manat, 1994 front
10,000 Manat, 1994 back

Enlarge: Front10,000 Manat, 1994 front
 & Back10,000 Manat, 1994 back

Front: Shirvanshah Palace in Buka

Back: Ornate design

Courtesy ybnotes


Shirvanshah Palace

Shirvanshah Palace

Enlarge: PalaceShirvanshah Palace


50,000 Manat, 1995

50,000 Manat, 1995 front
50,000 Manat, 1995 back

Enlarge: Front50,000 Manat, 1995 front
 & Back50,000 Manat, 1995 back

Front: Mausoleum of Momina Khatun in Nakhichevan City

Back: Ornate design

Courtesy ybnotes


Mausoleum of Momina Khatun

Mausoleum of Momina Khatun

Enlarge: MausoleumMausoleum of Momina Khatun


1000 Manat, 2001

1000 manat 2001 front
1000 manat 2001 back

Enlarge: Front1000 manat 2001 front
 & Back1000 manat 2001 back


1 Manat, 2005

1 Manat, 2005 front
1 Manat, 2005 back

Enlarge: Front1 Manat, 2005 front
 & Back1 Manat, 2005 back

Front: Music

Back: Map of Azerbaijan and Europe; windows

Courtesy noteshobby


5 Manat, 2005

5 Manat, 2005 front
5 Manat, 2005 back

Enlarge: Front5 Manat, 2005 front
 & Back5 Manat, 2005 back

Front: Books; statues

Back: Map of Azerbaijan and Europe; stylized figures

Courtesy absolutebanknotes


10 Manat, 2005

10 Manat, 2005 front
10 Manat, 2005 back

Enlarge: Front10 Manat, 2005 front
 & Back10 Manat, 2005 back

Front: Maiden Tower, old city drawing

Back: Map of Azerbaijan and Europe

Courtesy emiro50


20 Manat, 2005

20 Manat, 2005 front
20 Manat, 2005 back

Enlarge: Front20 Manat, 2005 front
 & Back20 Manat, 2005 back

Front: Helmets; sword; shields

Back: Map of Azerbaijan and Europe

Courtesy emiro50


50 Manat, 2005

50 Manat, 2005 front
50 Manat, 2005 back

Enlarge: Front50 Manat, 2005 front
 & Back50 Manat, 2005 back

Front: Architectural and scientific elements

Back: Map of Azerbaijan and Europe

Courtesy emiro50


100 Manat, 2005

100 Manat, 2005 front
100 Manat, 2005 back

Enlarge: Front100 Manat, 2005 front
 & Back100 Manat, 2005 back

Front: Castle; modern buildings

Back: Map of Azerbaijan and Europe

Courtesy emiro50

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Azerbaijan, bordered by Armenia, Georgia, Dagestan, Iran and the Caspian Sea, was Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic of the U.S.S.R. Became independent in 1991. For a more detailed country profile, see CIA World Factbook on Azerbaijan.




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