Romania Hyperinflation Banknotes


1,000,000 Lei, 1947

1,000,000 Lei, 1947 front
1,000,000 Lei, 1947 back

Enlarge: Front1,000,000 Lei, 1947 front
 & Back1,000,000 Lei, 1947 back


Romanian women and child


5,000,000 Lei, 1947

5,000,000 Lei, 1947 front
5,000,000 Lei, 1947 back

Enlarge: Front5,000,000 Lei, 1947 front
 & Back5,000,000 Lei, 1947 back

The note is the highest denomination ever issued by Romania.

Front: Women and children at left and right. Wolf nursing Romulus and Remus at center.

Back: Farm wives


1,000,000 Lei 2003 Polymer

1,000,000 Lei 2003 front
1,000,000 Lei 2003 back

Enlarge: Front1,000,000 lei 2003 front
 & Back1,000,000 lei 2003 back

This note is the world's highest denomination polymer plastic banknote.

Front: Ion Luca Caragiale (1852 to 1912), noted author, playwright and short story writer

Back: statue of Caragiale and now demolished national theatre formerly in Bucharest

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As with many other countries in Europe, Romania faced post WWII hyperinflation. The highest denomination before the war was 5,000 Lei. By 1947, it was 5,000,000 Lei.

Romania suffered a second period of hyperinflation from 1990-2005. The highest denomination between 1966 and 1989 was 100 Lei. By 2003 it was 1,000,000 Lei. In the 2005 currency reform, 1 new Leu was exchanged for 10,000 old Lei.




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