50 Franken, 1970

50 Franken, 1970 front
50 Franken, 1970 back

Enlarge: Front50 Franken, 1970 front
 & Back50 Franken, 1970 back

Front: Girl at upper right

Back: Apple harvesting

Courtesy ybnotes


100 Franken, 1973

100 Franken, 1973 front
100 Franken, 1973 back

Enlarge: Front100 Franken, 1973 front
 & Back100 Franken, 1973 back

Front: Boy with lamb

Back: St. Martin cutting his cape (to share)

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500 Franken, 1973

500 Franken, 1973 front
500 Franken, 1973 back

Enlarge: Front500 Franken, 1973 front
 & Back500 Franken, 1973 back

Front: Woman looking in mirror

Back: Elders with four girls bathing

Courtesy ybnotes


1000 Franken, 1963

1000 Franken, 1963 front
1000 Franken, 1963 back

Enlarge: Front1000 Franken, 1963 front
 & Back1000 Franken, 1963 back

Front: Female head at upper right

Back: Allegorical scene Dance Macabre

Courtesy ybnotes


10 Franken, (19)79

10 Franken (19)79 front
10 Franken (19)79 back

Enlarge: Front10 Franken (19)79 front
 & Back10 Franken (19)79 back

Front: Leonhard Euler (1707-1783), Swiss mathematician

Euler was born and educated in Basel, Switzerland. He showed an early talent for mathematics and languages. He worked as a professor of mathematics in St. Petersburg and later in Berlin. He is considered to be one of the greatest mathematicians of all time.

Back: Water turbine and solar system


Leonhard Euler

Leonhard Euler

Enlarge: Leonhard EulerLeonhard Euler


10 Franken, (20)10

10 Franken, (20)10 front 10 Franken, (20)10 back

Enlarge: Front10 Franken, (20)10 front
 & Back10 Franken, (20)10 back

Front: Charles Edouard Jeanneret-Gris, better known as Le Corbusier (1887-1965), architect, designer and one of the pioneers of modern architecture

Back: Modular measuring system; Buildings in Chandigarh (Punjab) designed by Le Corbusier

Courtesy yuri


20 Franken, (20)08

20 Franken, (20)08 front 20 Franken, (20)08 back

Enlarge: Front20 Franken, (20)08 front
 & Back20 Franken, (20)08 back

Front: Arthur Honegger (1892-1955), Swiss composer

Back: Trumpet valves; steam locomotive wheel; piano keys

Courtesy yuri


50 Franken, (20)06

50 Franken, (20)06 front 50 Franken, (20)06 back

Enlarge: Front50 Franken, (20)06 front
 & Back50 Franken, (20)06 back

Front: Sophie Taeuber-Arp (1889-1943), Swiss artist, painter, sculptor, and dancer

Back: Art works by S. Taeuber-Arp

Courtesy thecurrency


100 Franken, (20)07

100 Franken, (20)07 front 100 Franken, (20)07 back

Enlarge: Front100 Franken, (20)07 front
 & Back100 Franken, (20)07 back

Front: Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966), Swiss sculptor, painter, draughtsman, and printmaker

Back: Bust "Lotar II" and repeated sculpture "Homme qui Marche I" by A. Giacometti

Courtesy noteshobby


200 Franken, (20)06

200 Franken, (20)06 front 200 Franken, (20)06 back

Enlarge: Front200 Franken, (20)06 front
 & Back200 Franken, (20)06 back

Front: Charles Ferdinand Ramuz (1878-1947), a French-speaking Swiss writer

Back: Diablerez massif; Lavaux area (Lake Geneva); Extract of manuscript "Souvenirs sur Igor Strawinsky"

Courtesy banknoteandcoinshop


1000 Franken, (20)06

1000 Franken, (20)06 front 1000 Franken, (20)06 back

Enlarge: Front1000 Franken, (20)06 front
 & Back1000 Franken, (20)06 back

Front: Jacob Burckhardt (1818-1897), Historian of art and culture

Back: Window of Palazzo Strozzi in Florence; Fragment of Burckhardt's "Weltgeschichtliche Betrachtungen"; Rotunda of the Pantheon in Rome; Fragment of the Pergamon altar

Courtesy noteshobby


50 Franken, (20)15 (2016)

50 Franken, (20)15 (2016) front 50 Franken, (20)15 (2016) back

Enlarge: Front50 Franken, (20)15 (2016) front
 & Back50 Franken, (20)15 (2016) back

This is the first of the 9th series banknotes. Each denomination of this series depicts a typically Swiss characteristic, which is then illustrated graphically using a range of elements. The 50-franc note focuses on the wealth of experiences Switzerland has to offer expressed by the wind, the note's key motif. Core design elements in the new series are the hand and the globe, which appear on every denomination.

Courtesy develi

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Switzerland, located in central Europe north of Italy and south of Germany, is a Confederation whose constitutions of 1848 and 1874 established a union modeled upon that of the United States. For a more detailed country profile, see CIA World Factbook on Switzerland.




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