Russian Federation


100 Rubles, 2014 (2013)Hybrid Polymer
Commemorates the 22nd Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, February 7-23, 2014

100 Rubles, 2014 (2013) front 100 Rubles, 2014 (2013) back

Enlarge: Front100 Rubles, 2014 (2013) front
 & Back100 Rubles, 2014 (2013) back


Front: Snowboarder flying over Sochi; Olympic Stadium; mountain

Back: Firebird; Olympic Stadium

Courtesy m075054


100 Rubles, 2015
Commemorates annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in March 2014

100 Rubles, 2015 front 100 Rubles, 2015 back

Enlarge: Front100 Rubles, 2015 front
 & Back100 Rubles, 2015 back


Front: Painting "The Russian Squadron on the Sebastopol Roads" by Ivan K. Aivazovsky;
"Monument to the Scuttled Ships" in Sevastopol Bay by Amandus Adamson;
layout of Sevastopol city;
"Memorial to the Heroic Defense of Sevastopol in 1941-1942" at Nakhimov square by I. Fialko and V. Yakovlev;
St. Vladimir's Cathedral

Back: "Sail" cliff and Au-Dag mountain;
Swallow's Nest castle on Aurora Cliff overlooking Cape of Ai-Todor;
Yalta Khan's mosque in Khan's Palace, Bakhchysarai;
radio telescope RT-70 near the town of Yevpatoria

Courtesy gorstore


200 Rubles, 2017

200 Rubles, 2017 front
200 Rubles, 2017 back

Enlarge: Front200 Rubles, 2017 front
 & Back200 Rubles, 2017 back


Front: Scuttled Ship monument (by sculptor Amandus Adamson), Sevastopol Bay

Back: Ruins of the ancient town of Chersones, Sevastopol

Courtesy mikbog


2000 Rubles, 2017

2000 Rubles, 2017 front
2000 Rubles, 2017 back

Enlarge: Front2000 Rubles, 2017 front
 & Back2000 Rubles, 2017 back


Front: Russkiy Bridge over Eastern Bosphorus Strait, Vladivostok

Back: Rocket on launchpad at Vostochny Cosmodrome (Amur District)

Courtesy artyom korotayer, tass

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Russian Federation 1992-2010
Russian Federation 2014-2017

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Russian, occupies the northern part of Asia and the far eastern part of Europe, was an empire before 1917. Became the central power of the Soviet Union 1922-92, and a member of the Commonwealth of Independent States since 1992. For a more detailed country profile, see CIA World Factbook on Russia.




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