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1995-2012 | 2016



50,000 Rublei, 1995

50,000 rublei 1995 front
50,000 rublei 1995 back

Enlarge: Front50,000 rublei 1995 front
 & Back50,000 rublei 1995 back

Front: Brest Tower

Back: Star-shaped entrance to the Brest Fortress WWII Memorial


Brest Tower

Brest Tower

Enlarge: TowerBrest Tower


Star-shaped Entrance

Star-shaped entrance

Enlarge: Star-shaped EntranceStar-shaped entrance


100,000 Rublei, 1996

100,000 rublei 1996 front
100,000 rublei 1996 back

Enlarge: Front100,000 rublei 1996 front
 & Back100,000 rublei 1996 back

Front: The National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre in Minsk

Back: Scene from Glebov's ballet Vibrannitsa


Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre

Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre

Enlarge: TheaterBolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre


500,000 Rublei, 1998

500,000 rublei 1998 front
500,000 rublei 1998 back

Enlarge: Front500,000 rublei 1998 front
 & Back500,000 rublei 1998 back

Front: Trade Union Palace of Culture in Minsk

Back: Facade fragment


Palace of Culture

Palace of Culture

Enlarge: PalacePalace of Culture


1,000,000 Rublei, 1999

1,000,000 rublei 1999 front
1,000,000 rublei 1999 back

Enlarge: Front1,000,000 rublei 1999 front
 & Back1,000,000 rublei 1999 back

Front: National Art Museum in Minsk

Back: Still-life "Flowers and Fruits" painting by Ivan Khrutsky (1810-1885)


National Art Museum

National Art Museum

Enlarge: MuseumNational Art Museum


Flowers and Fruits painting

Flowers and Fruits painting

Enlarge: PaintingFlowers and Fruits painting


5,000,000 Rublei, 1999

5,000,000 Rublei 1999 front
5,000,000 Rublei 1999 back

Enlarge: Front5,000,000 Rublei 1999 front
 & Back5,000,000 Rublei 1999 back

Front: Minsk sports complex

Back: Winter sports complex


Minsk sports complex

Minsk sports complex

Enlarge: Sports ComplexMinsk sports complex


5,000 Rublei, 2000

5,000 Rublei, 2000 front
5,000 Rublei, 2000 back

Enlarge: Front5,000 Rublei, 2000 front
 & Back5,000 Rublei, 2000 back

Front: Minsk sports complex

Back: Winter sports complex


10,000 Rublei 2000 (2001)

10,000 Rublei 2000 (2001) front
10,000 Rublei 2000 (2001) back

Enlarge: Front10,000 Rublei 2000 (2001) front
 & Back10,000 Rublei 2000 (2001) back

Front: Vitebsk city view

Back: Summer amphitheater in Vitebsk

Courtesy ybnotes


Summer amphitheater

Summer amphitheater

Enlarge: Summer amphitheaterSummer amphitheater


20,000 Rublei 2000 (2010)
Commemorates 20th Anniversary National Bank of Belarus

20,000 Rublei 2000 (2010) front
20,000 Rublei 2000 (2010) back

Enlarge: Front20,000 Rublei 2000 (2010) front
 & Back20,000 Rublei 2000 (2010) back

Front: Paskevich Palace in Gomel

Back: Painting: "Gomel" by A. Idzkovsky

Courtesy ybnotes


Paskevich Palace

Paskevich Palace

Enlarge: Paskevich PalacePaskevich Palace


Painting: "Gomel" by A. Idzkovsky

Painting: Gomel by A. Idzkovsky

Enlarge: PaintingPainting: Gomel by A. Idzkovsky


200,000 Rublei 2000 (2012)

200,000 Rublei 2000 (2012) front
200,000 Rublei 2000 (2012) back

Enlarge: Front200,000 Rublei 2000 (2012) front
 & Back200,000 Rublei 2000 (2012) back

Front: Mogilev Art Museum

Back: A decorative collage of architectural elements of the museum building

Courtesy darius


Mogilev Art Museum

Mogilev Art Museum

Enlarge: MuseumMogilev Art Museum

1995-2012 | 2016

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Belarus, a landlocked country surrounded by Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine and Russia, was formerly known as Byelorussia, Belorussian or White Russia. It was part of Lithuania in the 13th century, absorbed by Poland in the 16th century, and incorporated by Russia in 1795. Became a member of the U.S.S.R. in 1922. Declared an independent republic and a member of the Commonwealth of Independent States in 1991. For a more detailed country profile, see CIA World Factbook on Belarus.




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