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1 Pound, 1975

1 pound 1975 front
1 pound 1975 back

Enlarge: Front1 pound 1975 front
 & Back1 pound 1975 back


Lady Hazel Lavery

Front: Lady Hazel Lavery (1887-1935), socialite and painter

Lady Hazel was born in the United States. She was the daughter of a Chicago industrialist of Irish extraction. A portrait of Lady Lavery, painted by her husband, Sir John Lavery, was reproduced on Irish banknotes from 1928 until the 1970s. This image of Lady Lavery was found as a watermark on Irish banknotes right up until the introduction of the Euro.

Back: Representation of river gods


1 Pound, 1989

1 pound 1989 front
1 pound 1989 back

Enlarge: Front1 pound 1989 front
 & Back1 pound 1989 back

Front: Queen Medb (first century B. C.), Warrior-Queen of Connacht

Back: Old writing


5 Pounds, 1986

5 pounds 1986 front
5 pounds 1986 back

Enlarge: Front5 pounds 1986 front
 & Back5 pounds 1986 back

Front: John Scotus Eriugena (810-877), medieval philosopher

Back: Old writing


5 Pounds, 1999

5 pounds 1999 front
5 pounds 1999 back

Enlarge: Front5 pounds 1999 front
 & Back5 pounds 1999 back

Front: Sister Catherine McAuley (1778-1841), Irish founder of the Sisters of Mercy

Back: School children


10 Pounds, 1999

10 pounds 1999 front
10 pounds 1999 back

Enlarge: Front10 pounds 1999 front
 & Back10 pounds 1999 back

Front: Dublin; James Joyce (1882-1941), Irish novelist and poet

Back: Liffey River mask; Street map of Dublin; writing from Ulysses by James Joyce

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20 Pounds, 1996

20 pounds 1996 front
20 pounds 1996 back

Enlarge: Front20 pounds 1996 front
 & Back20 pounds 1996 back

Front: Derrynane Abbey; Daniel O'Connell (1775-1847), Irish political leader

Back: Irish Constitution; Four Courts building, Dublin

The Four Courts are the location of the Supreme Court, the High Court and the Dublin Circuit Court. Until 2010 the building also housed the Central Criminal Court.

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Four Courts Building

Four Courts building

Enlarge: BuildingFour Courts building


50 Pounds, 2001

50 Pounds, 2001 front
50 Pounds, 2001 back

Enlarge: Front50 Pounds, 2001 front
 & Back50 Pounds, 2001 back

Front: Áras an Uachtaráin building at Phoenix Park, Dublin; Douglas Hyde (1860-1949), first President of Ireland from 1938 to 1945

Back: Uilinn piper; Crest of Conradh na Gaeilge

Courtesy mbc2012


100 Pounds, 1996

100 Pounds, 1996 front
100 Pounds, 1996 back

Enlarge: Front100 Pounds, 1996 front
 & Back100 Pounds, 1996 back

Front: Avondale House; Charles Stewart Parnell (1846-1891), founder and leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party

Back: Charles Stewart Parnell monument, Dublin

Courtesy yuri


Charles Stewart Parnell Monument

Parnell monument

Enlarge: MonumentParnell monumentg

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Ireland Republic, occupies five-sixth of the island of Ireland located in the Atlantic Ocean west of Great Britain, was an integral part of United Kingdom from 1800 to 1921. Established as the Irish Free State dominion in 1921, and a republic in 1949. For a more detailed country profile, see CIA World Factbook on Ireland.

Beginning on January 1, 2002 Euro becomes the official currency for Ireland Republic.




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