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African Banknotes - Murtaza Karimjee's blog features banknotes from Africa.

Ala Carte Paper Collectibles - Beate Rauch's site of world paper money.

Alex Perakis Coins & Currency - U. S. and World banknotes.

Andrew McKaig Numismatics - Canadian and foreign banknotes.

Antique Banknotes - Rare US Currency - Greg Davis' site documents historical US currency with hundreds of pictures, descriptions and values of old American currency.

Antique Money Buyers - Manning Garrett's site deals with United States currency.

ATSnotes - Anna & Tom Sluszkiewicz's extensive price list of world paper money including many scarce and hard-to-get notes.

Babylon Banknotes - Alaa Al-din Hamoudi's site features Middle East and world banknotes.

Baker Notes - Robert Baker's site features U. S. and World paper money. - Audrius Tomonis' price list and gallery of world paper money. - Jane White's price list of world banknotes.

Banknotes of the Middle East - Armen Hovsepian's extensive price list for the banknotes of the Middle East and North Africa. - David F. Cieniewicz's price list of world banknotes.

Bob Reis' Anything Anywhere - World banknotes, etc. Numismatic - Compagnie Generale de Bourse, France's largest numismatic dealer, offering an extensive selection of rare world banknotes.

Coincraft - sell coins, banknotes, medallions, ancient coins and antiquities.

Confederate Currency and Confederate Bonds - Pierre Fricke's site features Confederate paper money.

Colin Narbeth & Son Ltd. - Price lists of United Kingdom and world banknotes. - World paper money.

Columbia Notes - Ron Richardson's site specializing in paper money from Latin America and Asia.

Constellation Numismatic - U. S. error notes.

Crutchfield's Currency - Crutch William's site features Confederate States, Republic of Texas and obsolete banknotes.

CSA Notes - Ed Mason's site features Paper money from the Confederate States of America.

David Lawrence - U. S. currency and coins. - Don C. Kelly's site features nationals, large size, small size, gold certificates, obsoletes and fractionals as well as world paper money.

Educational Coin Company - Wholesale price list of coins and banknotes. - James Pickering's site features recent banknotes at good prices.

First City Currency & Collectibles, Inc. - Specializes in all aspects of small size U.S. currency. - 19th century currency from Florida.

Gary Snover - Currency of the world price list.

George H. LaBarre Galleries - George LaBarre's web site offering over 7,500 stocks and bonds, paper money, and other Americana for sale

GOLTBEECK Ancient Coins & Paper Money - J. M. Goudbeek's site features ancient coins and world banknotes.

Heritage Auction Galleries - The largest collectibles auctioneer and third largest auction house in the world. Established in 1976, it offers a wide range of US & World Coins and Rare Currency.

Hudson Valley Antique Currency - U. S. obsolete banknotes.

Ian Gradon - World Paper Money - Gallery and price list of world banknotes.

Insight3 - Professional Numismatic Services - Jeff Paunicka's site specializes in mostly U. S. banknotes including small size, large size, fractional, colonial, confederate and obsoletes

Kate's Paper Money - Kate Gibson's paper money from around the world.

Mac's Old Paper Money - Colonial and Continental currency.

Michael Morris World Paper Money - Michael Morris' retail price list of world banknotes featuring many new issues, updated monthly.

Mike Tiitus - World paper money price list.

Notability Banknotes - Chris Papé's site specializes in British Isles, British Commonwealth, and some unusual banknotes from around the world.

Nicky Nice - Nick Coriano's site features wholesale Banknotes, World Paper Money, Federal Reserve Banknotes, Silver, and other collectibles

Notes of the World - Alan Austin's site features banknotes from Australia and Asia.

Nova Online, Inc. - World wide paper money, U. S. paper money, world and U. S. coins.

Numisa - Denis Bouglouan's site in French, offers an extensive list of world paper money. - David Leong's online store for Collectable World Paper Money, Stocks and Bonds.

Page's Coins and - Supplies collectible world banknotes and world paper money since 1997.

Papermoney & Coins - Dieter Eheim's extensive wholesale price list of world paper money.

Robert's World Money - Trusted dealer of quality banknotes for collectors around the world.

SAFE Collecting Supplies - provides currency and paper money collectors a wide variety of banknote albums, currency sleeves, currency albums, stock pages, leather binders, ultraviolet lamps and counterfeit detectors and accessories to protect, analyze and admire your currency.

Sergio Sanchez, Jr. Rare Coins and Currency - Features U.S. large and small size paper money.

The Banknote Store - is an internet supermarket offering a huge range of British and world paper money for both beginners and advanced banknote collectors

The Coin Supply Store - Paul Rasmussen's site offers currency albums, pages, sleeves and cases as well as currency guide books.

The Monetary Unit - Your gateway to worldwide coins, currency and stamps.

Tim Kyzivat Currency - U. S. Banknotes including large size, small size, nationals, obsoletes, fractionals and CSA.

Tony Pisciotta: Banknotes of the World - World banknote price list.

Trevor Wilkin - Polymer plastic banknotes.

UniSquare Coins and Paper Money Marketplace - A new online marketplace for coins and paper money

US Rare - Rare U. S. banknotes: large size, small size, national currency and error notes.

Vern Potter Currency & Collectibles - U. S. Large and Small Type Notes, Obsoletes, Confederate and other collectibles.

World Banknotes Shop - Costin Lorgu's site offers over 2000 banknotes weekly from 200 countries, updated weekly.

World Wide Coins - World banknotes and coins.

ZimbabweDollars.Net - Here you'll find a wide variety of the now defunct Zimbabwe currency, available as a collectable or novelty item.

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