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African Paper Money - Weldon D. "Burt" Burson's collection of West African States and Central African States banknotes.

Banknotes Austria - Johann Kodnar's extensive collection of Austrian banknotes in English and German.

Banknotes from the World - Marco Cavallini's collection of world banknotes in English and Italian.

Bank Note Museum - Nice collection of world paper money

Banknotes of Guinea, Mali and French Antilles - Dan Bellan's collection of banknotes from Guinea, Mali and French Antilles.

Bebee Collection of the American Numismatic Association - An Extensive collection of U. S. Paper Money.

Billets du Monde - A collection of world banknotes in French.

Bruno's Paper Money Collection - A collection of world banknotes.

Coins and Banknotes of Vietnam and French Indochina - Vietnamese coins and paper money. - Cael Chappell's site features banknote anatomy, collector tips and currency identifiers.

Colonial Currency - Gallery of colonial currency, continental currency, colonial lottery tickets and fiscal documents maintained by Louis Jordan.

C. S. A. Collectors Page - Currency, Coins, Stamps, Bonds, and Flags made by the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War (1861-1865).

Currency Den - Images and information on wartime propaganda & counterfeit currency, hidden images on currency, and printers' test notes maintained by Roland Rollins. - Gallery and information on scrip used during the depression era in the 1930's.

Fancy Collecting - Features fancy serial number banknotes from primarily Singapore. This website gives a sampling of some of the fancy banknotes including solid numbers, low serial numbers and lucky numbers.

French Banknotes - Dave Mills's collection of French and French-printed banknotes

French Africa Banknotes - Eric Martin's site features French Africa banknotes

French West Africa Banknotes - Santiago de Anverso's private collection of rare French West Africa banknotes.

Guatemala Banknotes - Heber Alvarez' blog features his collection of world banknotes.

Hungarian Banknote Catalog - A collection of Hungarian banknotes in English and Hungarian.

Imperial Banknotes - Jay's blog on imperial banknotes from pre-World War I Europe.

Irish Paper Money - A virtual museum of Irish banknotes.

Janeriks Norwegian Banknotes - janeriks Jan Erik Frantsvĺg's gallery of Norwegian paper money.

Ma Collection Billets et pieces - This site features a collection of world banknotes in French.

Madison's Collection - Collector of Br. Commonwealth, Australia, Br. Honduras, China, Canada, Hong Kong, Malysia, Singapore, New Zealand and the Br. African countries together with some French/French colonial notes.

Mexican Paper Money - Michel Gossart's gallery of banknotes from Mexico in English and Spanish.

Million Dollar Babies - Alan Kaim's hyperinflation banknote collection.

Paper Money of the World - Hans-Dieter Müller's world paper money site in English and German. - Régis Giampersa's virtual exhibit and information about world banknotes in English and Portuguese.

Numismatic of Ecuador - Fernando Uyaguari's small collection of Ecuador banknotes.

Numismondo World Paper Money Picture Catalog - Garry Saint's site offers many rare and hard-to-find world banknotes.

Odds & Ends of South East Asia Banknotes & Coins - Clement Chee's collection of South East Asia Banknotes.

Philippine Currency During World War Two - Philippines WWII emergency and guerrilla money.

Physicists on the Money - Edward F. Redish's site depicts world banknotes honoring physicists.

Krause Banknotes - Thomas Krause's site of polymer plastic banknotes.

Real - Depicts paper money by country, pick number, description, value, and photos.

Rehan Aqib's Banknotes Collection - Rehan Aqib's banknote blog.

Roberto's Web Page - Roberto Cacciamani's collection of polymer plastic banknotes.

Saoud Eshaq Collection - Saoud Eshaq's collection features world banknotes with unique serial numbers

Scottish Banknotes - A collection of banknotes from Scotland

Some Interesting Facts About Paper Money - Tom Chao's timely articles and commentaries on paper money related topics.

Spanish Coins on American Notes - Bob Schreiner's site of American notes depicting Spanish coins.

Various Paper Money - Seiichi Arai's paper money collection.

World Bank Notes - Sandy's site features a nice collection of world banknotes.

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