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The IBNS Banknote of the Year award is an initiative of the IBNS to recognize an exceptional banknote issued each year.

IBNS members nominate and vote a Banknote issued the previous year for the award based on the artistic merit, design, use of color, contrast, balance, and security features.



Banknote of 2016
Switzerland 50 Franken, (20)15 (2016) Hybrid Polymer

50 Franken, (20)15 (2016) front 50 Franken, (20)15 (2016) back

Enlarge: Front50 Franken, (20)15 (2016) front
 & Back50 Franken, (20)15 (2016) back

This is the first of the 9th series banknotes. Each denomination of this series depicts a typically Swiss characteristic, which is then illustrated graphically using a range of elements. The 50-franc note focuses on the wealth of experiences Switzerland has to offer expressed by the wind, the note's key motif. Core design elements in the new series are the hand and the globe, which appear on every denomination.

Courtesy develi


Banknote of 2015
New Zealand 5 Dollars, (20)15 Polymer

5 dollars (20)15 front
5 dollars (20)15 back

Enlarge: Front5 dollars (20)15 front
 & Back5 dollars (20)15 back

Front: Sir Edmund Hillary (1919-2008), New Zealand mountaineer and explorer

Back: Campbell Island scene showing the yellow-eyed penguin (hoiho), the sub-Antarctic lily, bull kelp and a daisy

Courtesy noteshobby


Banknote of 2014
Trinidad and Tobago 50 Dollars, 2014 Polymer
Commemorates 50th Anniversary of the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago

50 Dollars, 2014 front
50 Dollars, 2014 back

Enlarge: Front50 Dollars, 2014 front
 & Back50 Dollars, 2014 back

Front: Arms; hibiscus; red capped cardinal bird

Central Eric Williams Financial Complex, Port of Spain; female masquerader in Carnival costume

Courtesy yuri


Banknote of 2013
Kazakhstan 1,000 Tenge, (2013)

1,000 Tenge, (2013) front
1,000 Tenge, (2013) back

Enlarge: Front1,000 Tenge, (2013) front
 & Back1,000 Tenge, (2013) back

Front: Fragment of Kultegin sculpture; Kazakh Eli monument; Flying doves

Back: Petroglyphic drawings of Turkic warriors; Kultegin Monument of Turkic writing in the background

Scans courtesy


Banknote of 2012
Kazakhstan 5,000 Tenge, 2011 (2012)

5,000 Tenge, 2011 (2012) front
5,000 Tenge, 2011 (2012) back

Enlarge: Front5,000 Tenge, 2011 (2012) front
 & Back5,000 Tenge, 2011 (2012) back

Front: Kazakh Eli monument, flying doves and panthers

Back: Kazakhstan map, Monument of Independence and Kazakhstan hotel building

Scans courtesy ibns


Banknote of 2011
Kazakhstan 10,000 Tenge, 2011 Hybrid Polymer
Commemorates 20th Anniversary of Independence

10,000 Tenge, 2011 Hybrid Polymer front
10,000 Tenge, 2011 Hybrid Polymer back

Enlarge: Front10,000 Tenge, 2011 Hybrid Polymer front
 & Back10,000 Tenge, 2011 Hybrid Polymer back

Front: Kazakh Eli monument in Astana, symbol of kazakhstan Independence

Back: Residence Ak Orda (Palace of the President) in Astana

Scans courtesy ybnotes


Banknote of 2010
Uganda 50000 Shillings 2010

50,000 shillings 2010 front
50,000 shillings 2010 back

Enlarge: Front50,000 shillings 2010 front
 & Back50,000 shillings 2010 back

Front: Stride monument, Kampala

Built in commemoration of Uganda hosting the Commowealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in 2007.

Back: Gorillas

Courtesy Yuri Minkin


Banknote of 2009
Bermuda 2 Dollars, 2009 Hybrid Polymer

2 Dollars 2009 front 2 Dollars 2009 back

Enlarge: Front2 Dollars 2009 front
 & Back2 Dollars 2009 back

Front: Bluebird

Back: Dockyard clock tower; Statue of Neptune

Courtesy orocondor


Banknote of 2008
Samoa 20 Tala, (2008)

20 Tala (2008) front
20 Tala (2008) back

Enlarge: Front20 tala (2008) front
 & Back20 tala (2008) back

This note was chosen by the International Bank Note Society as the most attractive new issue of 2008, beating eight other banknotes nominated by IBNS members.

Front: Cascading waterfall

Back: Manumea (Tooth-billed Pigeon) and Teuila (national flower)


Banknote of 2007
Scotland 50 Pounds, 2007

50 pounds 2007 front
50 pounds 2007 back

Enlarge: Front50 pounds 2007 front
 & Back50 pounds 2007 back

Front: Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832), Scottish novelist and poet

Back: Falkirk Wheel

Scans courtesy ybnotes


Banknote of 2006
Comoros 1000 Francs, 2005
(Issued December 30, 2005)

1000 francs 2005 front
1000 francs 2005 back

Enlarge: Front1000 francs 2005 front
 & Back1000 francs 2005 back

The 1000 Francs note won the International Bank Note Society 2006 Banknote of the Year Award.

Front: Coelacanth

Back: Man in outrigger canoe


Banknote of 2005
Faeroe Islands 1000 Kronur, 2005

1000 Kronur, 2005 front
1000 Kronur, 2005 back

Enlarge: Front1000 Kronur, 2005 front
 & Back1000 Kronur, 2005 back

Bird's wing

View from the island of Sandoy

Courtesy Yuri Minkin


Banknote of 2004
Canada 20 Dollars, 2004

20 dollars 2004 front
20 dollars 2004 back

Enlarge: Front20 dollars 2004 front
 & Back20 dollars 2004 back

Front: Elizabeth II (1926-), Queen of United Kingdom, British colonies and Commonwealth of Nations 1952-present

Date of portrait: 2000, age 74

Back: West coast native art

Courtesy ybnotes




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