100 Francs, (1973)

100 francs (1973) front
100 francs (1973) back

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 & Back100 francs (1973) back


500 Francs, (1985)

500 francs (1985) front
500 francs (1985) back

Enlarge: Front500 francs (1985) front
 & Back500 francs (1985) back


5000 Francs, (1985)

5000 francs (1985) front
5000 francs (1985) back

Enlarge: Front5000 francs (1985) front
 & Back5000 francs (1985) back

Front: Louis-Antoine de Bougainville (1729-1811), French sailor, soldier, statesman and mathematician

Bougainville was born in Paris. He was one of the first settlers in Falkland Islands. He fought in the American War of Independence. In the 1790s he led a voyage around the world. Later he wrote mathematical treatises and was elected to scientific academies. Many islands, mountains and plants were named after him.

Back: Auguste Febvrier-Despointes (1796-1855), first commandant of New Caledonia 1853-1854

The first European to sight New Caledonia was Captain James Cook in the 1770's on his way to New Zealand. The island was not sighted again until 1853 when French Admiral Febvrier-Despointes claimed it as French territory. From then on French settlers began immigrate into the new island.

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Tahiti is the largest island of the French overseas territory of French Polynesia. Notes of the French Pacific Territories are used since 1992. For a more detailed country profile, see CIA World Factbook on French Polynesia.




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