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5 Dollars, (20)15 Polymer

5 dollars (20)15 front
5 dollars (20)15 back

Enlarge: Front5 dollars (20)15 front
 & Back5 dollars (20)15 back

This is is the winner of International Bank Note Society (IBNS) 2015 Bank Note of the Year

Front: Sir Edmund Hillary (1919-2008), New Zealand mountaineer and explorer

Back: Campbell Island scene showing the yellow-eyed penguin (hoiho), the sub-Antarctic lily, bull kelp and a daisy

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10 Dollars, (20)15 Polymer

10 dollars (20)15 front
10 dollars (20)15 back

Enlarge: Front10 dollars (20)15 front
 & Back10 dollars (20)15 back

Front: Kate Sheppard (1848-1934), women's right activist

Back: Rare Blue Duck or Whio, an endangered species found in fast-flowing river habitats

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20 Dollars, (20)16 Polymer

20 dollars (20)16 front
20 dollars (20)16 back

Enlarge: Front20 dollars (20)16 front
 & Back20 dollars (20)16 back

Front: Elizabeth II (1926-), Queen of United Kingdom, British colonies and Commonwealth of Nations 1952-present

Back: Karearea (New Zealand falcon)

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50 Dollars, (20)16 Polymer

50 dollars (20)16 front
50 dollars  (20)16 back

Enlarge: Front50 dollars  (20)16 front
 & Back50 dollars  (20)16 back

Front: Sir Apirina Ngata (1874-1950), activist

Back: Blue Wattled Crow (kokako), Pureora Forest, supplejack and sky-blue mushroom

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100 Dollars, (20)16 Polymer

100 dollars, (20)16 front
100 dollars, (20)16 back

Enlarge: Front100 dollars, (20)16 front
 & Back100 dollars, (20)16 back

Front: Ernest, Lord Rutherford of Nelson (1871-1937), New Zealand's greatest scientist

Back: yellowhead (mohua), red beech, Eglinton Valley, and the South Island lichen moth

Courtesy uncshop

1940-2006 | 2015-2016

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New Zealand, a former British colony, was granted self-government in 1852 and full independent in 1947. It is a member of the British Commonwealth. The currency was changed from pounds to dollars in 1967. For a more detailed country profile, see CIA World Factbook on New Zealand.




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