Midway Islands


10 Goonies, (1945)

10 Goonies, (1945) front
10 Goonies, (1945) back

Enlarge: Front10 Goonies, (1945) front
 & Back10 Goonies, (1945) back

This Midway Islands short snorter was thought to be printed by U. S. forces on the island. However, Capt. Charles W. Oexle, whose signature appears on the note above the motto "In Oexle We Trust", was in command of USS Windham Bay CVE-92 at that time. Records show USS Windham Bay only made an overnight stay at Midway Island on January 9, 1945. Evidence seems to point to the possiblity that the note was actually printed aboard USS Windham Bay.

This 10 Goonies is believed to be the only denomination printed. Scaevola (The Land of Sand and Scaevola) is a wildflower that was prolific there. A gooney is a large bird indigenous to the island, which is pictured on the front and the back of the note.

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A Gooney

A Gooney

Enlarge: A GooneyA Gooney




Enlarge: ScaevolaScaevola


USS Windham Bay CVE-92

USS Windham Bay CVE-92

Enlarge: USS Windham Bay CVE-92USS Windham Bay CVE-92

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The Midway Islands consist of a circular atoll, 6 mi in diameter, that encloses two islands. The islands were first explored by Captain N. C. Brooks on July 5, 1859, in the name of the U.S. The atoll was declared a U.S. possession in 1867, and in 1903 President Theodore Roosevelt made it a naval reservation. The island was renamed "Midway" by the U.S. Navy in recognition of its geographic location on the route between California and Japan.




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