Gilbert & Ellice Islands


1 Pound, 1942

1 pound, 1942 uniface

Enlarge: Uniface1 pound, 1942 uniface

Issued by the local authority to pay the workers because there was a currency shortage during the Japanese occupation. When the workers eventually evacuated to Australia, they were not allowed to take these notes with them. These notes were retained on the islands and credits were given in Sydney upon their arrival. Only 4 notes survived.

Courtesy Lyn Knight.

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Gilbert & Ellice Islands, located in the western Pacific Ocean and comprised of Gilbert, Ellice, Ocean, Fanning, Washington, Christmas and Phoenix islands, was a British colony since 1915. The islands were occupied by Japan during WWII and became self-governing in 1971. The Ellice Islands, renamed Tuvalu in 1976, declared independence in 1978. The rest of the colony became Kiribati in 1979. Australian banknotes are currently the official currency for the islands. For a more detailed country profile, see CIA World Factbook on Kiribati.




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