China Yuan Dynasty


2 Kuan, 1335-1340

2 Kuan 1335-1340 front
2 Kuan 1335-1340 back


Emperor Yuan Huizong

Emperor Yuan Huizong
Yuan Huizong (1320-1370), Emperor of China Yuan Dynasty 1333-1370.


Yuan Dynasty, 2 kuan cash note, ND (1335-1340), black text on grey mulberry bark paper, red seal top center, two strings of 10 cash coins at center.

This note sold for HK$1,200,000 (US$154,025) plus buyer's premium at Spink's January 22, 2011 Hong Kong auction. The price including buyer's premium is HK$1,405,050 (US$180,349).

This Yuan Dynasty 2 Kuan (1335-1340) note predates the more well known Ming Dynasty 1 Kuan note by several decades and is one of the oldest surviving banknotes in the world.

Scan courtesy Spink


2 Kuan Printing Plate and Facsimile Note

2 Kuan printing plate and facsimile note


The first reports of two genuine Yuan Dynasty notes came from Inner Mongolia and the former Soviet Union in 1988. During the same year, Taisel Stamps & Coins, in conjunction with Spink & Sons, Ltd., auctioned a Yuan dynasty printing block at Singapore International Coin Convention. The bronze printing block was one of eight discovered at the site of an old mint during the Japanese occupation of northern China. Like the reported notes, it has the denomination of two kuan and the inscription "Chih Yuan T'ung Hsing Pao Ch'ao (Chih Yuan Universally Circulating Treasure Note).

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