1 Dollar, 1935

1 dollar 1935 front
1 dollar 1935 back

Enlarge: Front1 dollar 1935 front
 & Back1 dollar 1935 back

Front: Charles Vyner Brooke (1874-1963), Rajah of Sarawak 1917-1946

Sir Charles Vyner deWindt Brooke was the third and final White Rajah of Sarawak. He was educated in England and met his future wife Sylvia Brett there. Brooke was proclaimed Rajah upon the death of his father in 1917. His early years as Rajah saw a boom in the Sarawak rubber and oil industries and the subsequent rise in the Sarawak economy.

Brooke fled to Australia in 1941 during Japanese occupation, and returned to Sarawak in 1946 to temporarily resume his position as Rajah. He ceded Sarawak to the British government as a crown colony later that year, thus ending White Rajah rule in Sarawak. Vyner Brooke died in London in 1963, four months before Sarawak was formally incorporated into the Federation of Malaysia.

Back: Brooke family Coat of Arms


10 Cents, 1940

10 cents 1940 uniface

Enlarge: Uniface10 cents 1940 uniface

Charles Vyner Brooke (1874-1963), Rajah of Sarawak 1917-1946

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Sarawak, ruled by an English family for 100 years until 1941 when it was occupied by Japan, was a British colony 1946-63, and became part of Malaysia in 1963. For a more detailed country profile, see CIA World Factbook on Malaysia.




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