1/2 Dinar, 1973

1/2 dinar 1973 front
1/2 dinar 1973 back

Enlarge: Front1/2 dinar 1973 front
 & Back1/2 dinar 1973 back

Front: Habib Bourguiba (1903-2000), President of Tunisia 1957-1987

Bourguiba was educated at Sadiki College in Tunis, and the University of Paris, France, where he studies law. He struggled for Tunisia's independence, and became the country's first president in 1957.

Back: Landscape with sheep and assorted produce


1 Dinar, 1973

1 dinar 1973 front
1 dinar 1973 back

Enlarge: Front1 dinar 1973 front
 & Back1 dinar 1973 back

Front: Habib Bourguiba (1903-2000), President of Tunisia 1957-1987

Back: Industrial scenes


1 Dinar, 1980

1 dinar 1980 front
1 dinar 1980 back

Enlarge: Front1 dinar 1980 front
 & Back1 dinar 1980 back

Front: Habib Bourguiba (1903-2000), President of Tunisia 1957-1987

Back: Village of Korbous in the "Cap Bon"


5 Dinars, 1983

5 dinars 1983 front
5 dinars 1983 back

Enlarge: Front5 dinars 1983 front
 & Back5 dinars 1983 back

Front: Habib Bourguiba (1903-2000), President of Tunisia 1957-1987

Back: Hydroelectric Dam


10 Dinars, 1994

10 dinars 1994 front
10 dinars 1994 back

Enlarge: Front10 dinars 1994 front
 & Back10 dinars 1994 back

The note was issued on the 7th anniversary of the overthrown of the Bourguiba Government.

Front: Ibn Khaldoun (1332-1406), a famous Arab historiographer and historian

Back: Open book of "7 Novembre 1987"


5 Dinars, 2013 (2014)

5 Dinars, 2013 (2014) front
5 Dinars, 2013 (2014) back

Enlarge: Front5 Dinars, 2013 (2014) front
 & Back5 Dinars, 2013 (2014) back

Front: City of Carthage; Hannibal (247 BC-183 or 182 BC), a Punic Carthaginian military commander

Hannibal is considered one of the greatest generals of antiquity

Back: Carthaginian ships



Marble Bust of Hannibal

Bust of Hannibal

Enlarge: BustBust of Hannibal


10 Dinars, 2013

10 Dinars, 2013 front
10 Dinars, 2013 back

Enlarge: Front10 Dinars, 2013 front
 & Back10 Dinars, 2013 back

Front: Abou el Kacem Chebbi (1909-1934), Tunisian poet

Back: Arches of Medersa Bachia in Medina

Medersa Bachia was originally built (around 1752) as a school dedicated for the teaching of Quran. It was restored and converted into a center of learning in 1980 by the Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment.

Courtesy business news


Arches of Medersa Bachia

Medersa Bachia

Enlarge: Medersa BachiaMedersa Bachia


20 Dinars, 2011

20 Dinars, 2011 front
20 Dinars, 2011 back

Enlarge: Front20 Dinars, 2011 front
 & Back20 Dinars, 2011 back

Front: Kheireddine Pacha, sometimes called Kheireddine Ettounsi, (1822-1890), Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire 1878-1879

Back: Sadiki Collge building

Sadiki College, also known as Collège Sadiki, is a lycée (high school) in Tunis, Tunisia. It was established in 1875. Associations formed by its alumni played a major role in the early constitutionalist movement in the country.

Courtesy ybnotes


Kheireddine Pacha

Kheireddine Pacha

Enlarge: PortraitKheireddine Pacha


Sadiki College

Sadiki College

Enlarge: CollegeSadiki College


50 Dinars, 2011

50 Dinars, 2011 front
50 Dinars, 2011 back

Enlarge: Front50 Dinars, 2011 front
 & Back50 Dinars, 2011 back

Front: Ibn Rashiq Al Qayrawani (-1064), Tunisian Author

Back: Kasbah Square, Tunis

Courtesy ybnotes


Kasbah Square

Kasbah Square

Enlarge: Kasbah SquareKasbah Square


20 Dinars, 2017

20 Dinars, 2017 front
20 Dinars, 2017 back

Enlarge: Front20 Dinars, 2017 front
 & Back20 Dinars, 2017 back

Front: Farhat Hached (1914-1952), Tunisian trades unionist

Back: Aerial view and close-up of Roman amphitheatre in El Jem; Corinthian column

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Tunisia, located on the northern coast of Africa, was a French protectorate in 1881. Granted internal autonomy in 1955, and independence in 1956. It abolished the monarchy and established a republic in 1957. For a more detailed country profile, see CIA World Factbook on Tunisia.




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