East Africa


20 Shillings, (1958-60)

20 shillings (1958-60) front
20 shillings (1958-60) back

Enlarge: Front20 shillings (1958-60) front
 & Back20 shillings (1958-60) back

Front: Elizabeth II (1926-), Queen of United Kingdom, British colonies and Commonwealth of Nations 1952-present

Date of portrait: 1954, age 28

Back: Flowers

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East Africa was an administrative grouping of several neighboring British territories: Kenya, Tanganyika, Uganda and Zanzibar. The common monetary system circulated for the territories by the East African Currency Board and was also used in British Somaliland and the Aden Protectorate subsequent to the independence of India (1947) whose currency had previously circulated in these two territories.




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